Monday, September 27, 2010


Oh yeah, and one other thing happened to make my day at the West Hollywood Book Fair really special. That guy. It might be Jonathan Bernstein the crisis manager. Or Jonathan Bernstein the acclaimed writer of plays. But it is not Jonathan Bernstein the me. So while every other author at my signing session and, in fact, at every signing session, sat alongside accurate and flattering photos of themselves, I alone spent my time cowering under the gaze of the smiling stranger who bears my name. Obviously it was confusing for my vast fanbase. And that's why no-one wanted a signature. Right. That must be the reason.


Alexa Young said...

I know I shouldn't laugh, but this is HILARIOUS! And wouldn't you know, this is ALSO the Jonathan Bernstein who registered the URLs that you probably wanted for your very own. Seriously. I had to do the search, and look what I unearthed:

For the record, you are the cooler Jonathan Bernstein, even in 100-plus temperatures.

Jonathan Bernstein said...

Well, that's definitely not a picture of MOI, either. You are clearly the younger, prettier Jonathan Bernstein. I am but a maturing Baby Boomer who's fortunate to have all his hair, and in the right places. Oh, and I do pretty decently as a crisis manager too.