Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TV Club Wants The Door Left Open

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Mad Men
JB: That was beautiful. I watched it twice. Not just the best episode of the season, probably the best episode of anything aired anywhere this year. I fear Elisabeth Moss will be denied her Emmy (Laura Linney has CANCER, y'all. The Big C) but Hamm is undeniable. If there's better acting, better writing or more horribly real relationships anywhere else on Tv, they're on a channel I don't get and I get 6000 channels. Congratulations to Duck Philips for squeezing out the saddest fart ever.
CC: OMG this episode was so good. So fucking good. I can't even deal. I'm done. Oh wait, I'll touch on something that obviously gets lost in the whole rest of the awesomeness: very much enjoying that guy who was on Jack & Bobby.

Jersey Shore
JB: The Situation is worth every cent of that 5 million his publicist would like you to believe he's making. Did anyone else notice Jwoww break the fourth wall and grin straight at the camera?
CC: I kind of feel like I might be rooting for The Situation when he's on Dancing with the Stars (is he gonna fuck Karina Smirnoff? probably, right?). Like, I *want* to root for Jennifer Grey as the sentimental choice, and obviously once you see them dance, opinions can instantly change, but...yeah. The Situation. You have to kind of hand it to him, but not really, but yeah kind of really, with 1) how he totally got that girl the fuck out of the house while somehow making it sound like he was doing her a favor and 2) how he just owned that whole tranny thing. No defense. Just yeah, that happened, and was unfortunate, and moving on.

Rachel Zoe
JB: I have not yet seen Piranha 3D but last week I saw Donatella Versace in HD and now I get around with the aid of a white stick and a dog. Also in this episode, we got to meet a celebrity client who actually likes RZ. Kate Hudson. A surprisingly endearing goofy-funny, probably-slightly-high Kate Hudson who shut her eyes tight and busted out a few bars of Stevie Nicks. In fact, she acted almost exactly like Penny Lane in Almost Famous. Which is her only decent performance. Hmmm. The neglect-of-husband-Rodger narrative continued with him enlisting Hudson to persuade RZ to get pregnant. Rachel stage-whispered to Kate in this joking-but-not-really-joking-
at-all way, "I'm frigid." Again, hmmm.

X Factor
JB: This was the dud show Cowell didn't want us to endure last week. Here is the highlight. Stay till the end and you'll get to see this act's big hit.
CC: Oh, wow. WOW. Thank you, JB. A hearty thank you for continuing to keep up with this program and digging up these clips. I've been hearing a lot lately about a YA novel called The DUFF, which stands for designated ugly fat friend, because apparently there's always one in every group of girls, or something. Yeah...no. Not just one. Not just one of those here.

Vampire Diaries
JB: Wait, Mia Kirshner's in this?
Wait, Melinda Clarke's in this?
Wait, Jasmine Guy's in this playing a GRANDMOTHER?? (I am 145 years old)
Wait, vervain is an actual substance?
Wait, how did Katherine get in the house? Jenna didn't invite her in.
CC: Oh HO, but you should REWIND and watch again carefully to see what she said! And I know! Everyone's in this! How great is it? This shit premieres THIS WEEK! I am so excited for season 2 I can't even tell you (and how great was it that Nina Dobrev was on the Emmys last week...although...I must say...she's totally done that thing that all the actresses do where they lose a bunch of weight and come back for season 2 so much thinner (see also: Lea Michele) and she was obviously TOTALLY cute and TOTALLY thin before and did not need to do as such).

So You Think You Can Dance Canada
JB: Dipped an exploratory toe in. Probably won't be back. But if I did, it would be to check up on these two geeks:
CC: Aww, rats. I didn't really like that. And I wanted to! That guy is totally a poor man's Mark (shut up...I know a lot of people are a poor man's Mark...but I think that just demonstrates how delightfully expensive Mark is). I'm jealous that Canada still has those stairs though. Miss the stairs!

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