Monday, September 27, 2010

Scorched Earth

I don't tend to thrive around either brutal, pulverizing heat or other people.My stint at last Sunday's West Hollywood Book Fair where the temperature reached a pitiless 100 degrees could not be categorized as a personal triumph. There wasn't a moment I didn't feel like I was going to need CPR and the only child who showed any interest in purchasing my book finally cast it aside with a withering, "There's too many words".

There were a couple of highlights. I persuaded my colleague Alexa Young to get Molly Ringwald to autograph my history of 80s teen movies which she did with no great enthusiasm(the enduring redhead, not Alexa who was all about it). And then there was the live book trailer event. This could have been a disaster. All credit to Chelsea Anderson and Sarah Bebb(pictured above in color and black and white) for taking the sketchy little script I wrote to sum up Burning Ambition, memorizing it and bringing it hilariously alive. If my next book is out by the time the 2011 book fair rolls around, I'm booking you in advance. Unless it's hot, in which case I'm staying home.

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