Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Movie Club:Bad Movie Marathonathon!

Yes, another of our highly-popular and fun spin-offs. Somewhere in the bowels of Movie Club, CC made the bold claim, and I quote, "I love seeing entertainingly bad movies". Which made me think, Hmmm, there was a time I loved seeing entertaining bad movies, too. Over the next few days, our respective blogs will feature trailers and clips from movies dismissed as atrocities but which we genuinely like, genuine atrocities that we--or at least, I--have seen more than movies I actually like, terrible movies that live on in our hearts due to misguided nostalgia, movies we can't believe we ever sat through....You get the idea.

1) ORPHAN! aka probably the most awesome bad movie of the last decade. Think long and hard before you argue otherwise.

The bad seed in this movie pulls a gun on a deaf toddler, murders a nun and attempts to shag her adoptive dad. The shocking reveal that she was actually a psychotic 30 year-old dwarf hooker was just icing on the cake.

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Anonymous said...

*Removes disc from Netflix queue now that he knows ending*