Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mixtape Club: Special 90s Dance-Pop Bullshit Special!

So, in the most recent edition of TV Club we were talking about the last, piss-poor, episode of Glee and how the only thing not piss-poor about it was the Marky Mark song. Which caused us to go off on a very entertaining tangent about what other 90s dance-pop songs they should attempt.
And now we're turning that tangent into it's own spin-off! Like Angel or Torchwood or Joey!

Over the next...let's say a week, maybe more, probably less, CC and myself will post up classics from the soundtrack of an imaginary Glee ep where Mr Schue tells the kids to explore the world of 90s dance-pop bullshit.

My choice today. This actually came out in 1989 but I'm going to insist it bled into the 90s.

Black Box. `Ride On Time'.

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