Thursday, April 1, 2010

Burning Ambition: It's Out!

It's true. Burning Ambition: A Hottie Novel, to use the full exciting title, is now available in stores and online. Good luck to it and me. To celebrate, here's the climactic remainder of Chapter One:

Alison and the kingpin remained locked in the same position. Neither wavering in their intent. Then a hand snuck up behind the crime boss's head and, with one deft tug, yanked the wig off his head, revealing the pink flesh beneath.

"Ewwww", moaned a female voice.

"More ewwws than anyone has ever ewwwwed before!" replied a second female voice.

Running away from the horrified kingpin, who was covering his exposed baldness with both hands, were Alison's two BFFs. As they scampered across the garage, Kellyn Levy tossed the wig to Dorinda Galen. The freaked-out Belgian crime boss probably thought his toupee had been abducted by two more members of Alison's team. he wasn't to know that the blisteringly cynical Kellyn once despised being perceived as Alison's sidekick. Or that Dorinda had been so fearful of being rendered invisible by Alison's popularity that she had passed herself off as French for three years. Their relationship had been fraught with petty jealousies and disharmony but, at this moment, Alison looked at the two girls who had caused her so much grief with nothing but love and affection.

"Take the hair," yelled the pale, sharp-featured Kellyn, lobbing the wig to Dorinda.

"It's like a dead cat. You take it," squealed the buxom, exotic Dorinda, throwing it back.

Grossed out by their proximity to the crime boss's wig, Kellyn tossed the hairpiece back to it's owner. The kingpin caught the fake hair as it flew across the garage. As he snatched it and went to position it back on his head, Alison opened fire. The wig returned to the kingpin's head at the exact second she set it alight. His screams echoed across the building.

"What a hothead!" said Alison, David and T in unison. They looked at each other in amazement. Their quips had become synchronized.

"We're such a team!" marveled Alison.

"We're the Department of Hotness," pronounced David.

"The Department of Hotness," repeated an awed Alison. "Loving that."

And there you have it.

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Saige said...

Thank you soo much
I have been dying to read your book
(figuratively of course)
I didn't know it was out until like two days ago
Its coming in next week and I cant wait to read it
is there going to be a third book
cause that would be AWESOME
I've been looking all over the internet for a preview
If there isn't another Hottie book coming out
create another super/ and or fantasy series just ALOT more books
Is Hottie going to be made into a movie because that would be the best thing in the world
i really love your books