Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.

Long story short. Or short-ish. It's already too long. Back when I harbored faint ambitions to work on TV as opposed to now when I'm just grateful I can still afford to own a TV, myself and my weatherbeaten comedy mucker, James Greer, attempted to buy the rights to a British TV show.

It was called Directors Commentary and, as the title suggests, was a vehicle for the talented Welsh comedy actor Rob Brydon ( maybe you know him from Gavin And Stacey) to babble and free-associate over ancient footage in the manner of a decrepit Brit Tv director.

We liked it so much we got in touch with the show's producer who was so amazed that there was any kind of interest-- the series had vanished without trace( or, as it's now referred to `done a Hottie') in the UK-- that he gave us the go-ahead to do what we wanted with the concept even before we'd finished saying Hello.

Our entertainment industry representatives had, variously, `no idea' what directors' commentaries were or `had seen thousands of parodies that are better than anything you could ever do'.

Undaunted, we made our own version of what our show might look like. And then immediately forgot about it. Until today. When Jim put it up on his Oscar fashion blog http://jamesgreerbooks.blogspot.com/

If he's not embarrassed, neither am I. Well I am, a bit. Here's the embittered original director of The Thorn Birds reminiscing about what might have been(part 1. Part 2 to follow)(not sure why the picture is so squashed. But it's not like you're missing anything):

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