Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Burning Ambition: Still Sneaky, Still Previewy

Here's today's serving:

T stood by her side. "Nothing you can't handle," he said supportively. She wasn't so sure. These weren't steroid freaks with maps on their faces. These were lethal assassins who floated on the wind and laughed at gravity.

"Yo, Hottie," a voice called from behind a nearby concrete pillar. Alison didn't turn around. She didn't have to. She knew who it was. David Eels. Her superhero sidekick. The guy who first encouraged her to explore her superpowers. The guy who told her how special she could be. The guy who named her Hottie. The guy who fell victim to an unrequited crush that momentarily capsized their friendship. And, finally, the guy who was her rock-solid right hand.

"One thing we never covered during our extensive superhero training sessions," said David.

"What's that?"


From his position behind the pillar, David tossed an object into Alison's open palm. She looked down at her hand. She was holding something round and metal with a wire wound around the center.

"It's a yo-yo," noted T.

"Hence the `Yo, Hottie' greeting," explained David.

Alison stared at the yo-yo in her hand. It was bedazzled and had the H logo on both sides. For a second, she didn't get it. Then she saw the shadows of the ninjas as they moved like leaves in the breeze. And then she got it. Alison couldn't move like the ninjas. She couldn't fight like them. But David had just given her something that made her their equal. He'd given her a yo-yo that, in her hands, became...a ball of fire. She tried a couple of practice swings.

"Let that little guy fly!" demanded David. "It's solid steel. It can take up to twenty-five hundred degrees."

Alison watched the way the bedazzled yo-yo sent colors shimmering across the dark garage. Then, without warning, she lashed out her wrist, sending fire streaming down the wire and causing the yo-yo to burst into flames. Striding confidently out of the shadows and into the middle of the warehouse, she swung the blazing yo-yo above her head like a lasso.

A ninja leapt from the roof of a rusted Pinto. Alison swung low and struck her attacker on the kneecap. The ninja let out a muffled groan from beneath his mask. He swayed for a second, then slumped to the ground. David and T saw the next ninja bound high into the air and fall silently, dropping from the ceiling, ready to engulf Alison like a deadly black cloud.

"Above you!" they screamed in unison.

Alison dropped to her knees, leaned back and threw the yo-yo straight up, smashing into the lower part of the ninja's swathed head. Then she sprang to her feet and stepped aside so the ninja fell face first onto the ground. Groaning, he pulled down the folds of the mask to spit out a pair of broken teeth.

"Ma teef," he whined

"Thorry," snickered Alison.

Two more black-clad assassins sprang at Alison. She swung the fiery yo-yo in an arcing motion. As it sailed downward, it set the first ninja's foot on fire, leaving him hopping and flailing. On it's return journey, it clattered off the second attacker's ear, causing him to howl in pain and frantically unravel the mask as the flames spread. Alison reeled the yo-yo back in and gazed at it affectionately.

"Loving the gadget," she said to David as he walked out from behind the pillar.

T and David nodded at each other. They weren't exactly friends. But they maintained a cautious mutual respect.

David was about to introduce himself to Heather, but before he could speak, she was yanked off the ground and up into the air. The last ninja!

WTF? More tomorrow.

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