Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Sound Of Silence

I can be something of an asshole when I come into contact with people who still purchase CDs. "Where did you park your unicycle?" I'm wont to inquire. "Oh, so they've got electricity where you live now?" is another winner. I crack myself up. But the mocking laughter stopped dead last week when the battery expired on my old iPod. 11,000 songs. Expired. Vanished into the air. A matter of days later, my newer iPod became afflicted with a hardware problem. The guy at the Genius Bar reset it. It's as good as new. New as in empty, as in lacking the 12, 225 songs it once housed and which popped like bubbles and disappear like they'd never existed.

I'm being pretty zen about the whole affair. By which I mean I'm shaking a fist at the sky and howling "ZENNNNN! Why did you do this to me, you heartless bastard!" Which makes absolutely no sense. So I'm starting over. No hardcore obsessive day-long downloading sessions. A little Scritti Politti here. Some Kraftwerk there. At the rate I'm going I figure I'll have reloaded the bulk of the missing material by......NEVER!

Enjoy your ugly, rapidly-degenerating CDs, you ethical suckers!

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Alexa Young said...

Ah, worry not. I just turned out the garage (that's GARR-IGE to ye) and found a nice old vinyl 12-inch of the Proclaimers' SUNSHINE ON LEITH. It's yours fer the takin', if ye loyke. I know how you looove them twins, now.