Monday, October 12, 2009

In The Flesh!

Do you like books? Do you like to hear authors talk about their books? Do you like libraries? Do you like Jews? If you answered yes to all four questions, Tuesday October 20th is your lucky day. As part of Teen Read Week, young adult authors will be popping up all over the bankrupt Southland to talk about their favorite subjects: 1) themselves 2) their books.

You can catch me and my colleagues Alexa Young and Eileen Rosenblum at 4pm at Northridge Library. It'll be a festive occasion. There will a raffle with a chance to win an unopened Guitar Hero and signed copies of the author's books. There will be food and drink of some sort.

The address: Northridge Branch Library
9051 Darby Avenue
Northridge 91325.

No, I have zero idea where that is, either. But if I start walking now, I'll probably make it by next week.

1 comment:

Alexa Young said...

Okay, now I understand why you left your tootsie pop on the table. You felt a wee bit bad about promising food here. Good thing nobody actually baked or bought donuts or haggis or anything, though...right?