Monday, October 5, 2009

Hottie LIVE At West Hollywood Book Fair

Somebody connected with the Los Angeles Young Authors group of which I am an occasional and rarely participating member, had a brilliant idea. What if, along with having a booth at the West Hollywood Book Fair, we also roped in a bunch of actual teens to perform passages from our books!

The majority of my colleagues were smart about adapting their books, going to great pains to ensure that they chose excerpts filled with dialogue that showcased all their characters, I went with an action-and-description-packed chapter. This meant that the young lady on the far left--her name is Kendall Toole, she has the kind of comic timing that bodes well for a successful acting career-- spoke almost interrupted for five minutes-- and the other three readers had a combined total of six syllables.

Nevertheless, I thank them all for their participation. I'm also indebted to everyone who showed up at the Barnes & Noble signing session, even the girls who wanted their Harley Jane Kozack mystery novels signed for extra credit. And the guy who wanted to know if we stocked anything by David Sedaris. And especially fellow authors Carol Snow and Michael Reisman who were classy enough to buy our books and get us to sign them. Had I an iota of their innate decency, I would have stuck around for their signing session and returned the favor. But I didn't. What's worse, I didn't because I snuck off to see The Invention Of Lying. I don't know who I feel worse for. Me for sitting through it or Jennifer Garner for appearing in it. Me.

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