Thursday, May 7, 2009

Remake This!

Bond worked. So did Batman. So, it seems, has Star Trek. I'd like to volunteer another wizened slice of pop culture for the reboot treatment. This:

I watched this on the plane the other week. The power-poppy music was completely wrong for the Britney era in which it was released. And as for the stars...Rachael Leigh Cooke and, hard as it is to believe, Tara Reid had both appeared in successful teen movies at the time. But they weren't anywhere near what we have now. They weren't Disney-incubated all-singing, all-dancing, all-wisecracking little multi-media superstars with tween audiences programmed to obediently follow them and their power-poppy athems from small screen to big screen to the iTunes store to the concert stage.

In other words: Hannah Montana, iCarly + either Demi or Selena= ...probably the most unbearable girl group movie all time but unquestionably the most successful. The egos involved might make this an impossibility. But if it ever happens, remember I told you so..

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Alea said...

You know, I LOVED this soundtrack... I should find it.