Friday, May 1, 2009

New York Minute

What did I do during my brief stopover in New York?

Reconnected with some old friends.
Made some new-ish friends.
Went to the opening of a new home for Brooklyn's avant-garde( there was a free bar)
Had to choose between seeing `State Of Play' and `Obsessed'. Picked `Obsessed'. Wrong choice.
Felt embarrassed about paying money to see `Obsessed'. Went to see `State Of Play'. Didn't have a dull moment when it was a six-hour BBC miniseries. Has plenty of dull moments at two hours.
Saw Paul Rudd shopping for Moroccan lamps at Chelsea Market.
Had a bizarre interlude at a place called Pelham.
Saw `Mary Stuart' on Broadway. Great performances from powerhouse Brit actresses Janet McTeer and Harriet Walter. Impressively minimal staging using nothing but a brick wall and lighting. But not, if I'm honest, particularly memorable. My theatre companion annoyingly Facebooked friends to let them know where she was. One of them wrote back "Mary Stuart Masterson! What play is she in?"
Met my book agent for the first time. She was very nice and didn't sugarcoat anything with regards to my precarious position as a debuting author. (No-one ever sugarcoats anything for me! I wish, just once, someone would sugarcoat something!)
Watched-- I say watched, I mean didn't look up from my iPhone for the duration of-- a girls' baseball game.
Fell victim, once again, to the Jet Blue Cable Deception. Last time I flew the airline with the excellent legroom and limited cable grid, I sat through an`iCarly' marathon and emerged convinced that the kiddie show was the savior of the traditional laugh-track sitcom. But when I watched it from the comfort of my own couch on a screen slightly larger than a coaster,I was less enthusiastic. I had fallen for a show that eased me though a few hours of a flight and mistaken it for something I would watch under normal circumstances. And, armed with that knowledge, I proceeded to make the same mistake again. This time, the recipient of my in-flight enthusiasm was Food Network star, Giada DeLaurentiis. After a few mouth-watering episodes, I was making plans to purchase her kitchen equipment, download her recipes and DVR her future appearances. By the time the plane landed, I knew I'd be ordering Papa John's pizza when I got home...

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