Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Awesome Hottie Book Trailer!

Over the past few months, I've endured what can only be described as heaps of abuse-- and justifiably so--over the book cover. I had no control over that. But I did have control over the book trailer. This is how Hottie should look and sound.( Except for the song which wasn't my first choice--"Back Of The Van" by Ladyhawke was, since you asked-- but copyright material was a no-no. And I don't hate it). Thanks to the uber-talented Madison Meyer.

I don't know if any book trailer has ever persuaded anyone to buy or even open a book. Some bloggers are of the opinion they're useless and little more than embodiments of author vanity. When a book with a epic, fantastic premise has a trailer featuring Drama Club dorks clashing plastic swords in someone's back yard, I agree. But this, to me, does as good a job selling the book as I could hope for.

In conclusion, dump on the cover as much as you want, but not a word against the trailer! Thank you.

UPDATE: it's all squished! How do I fix that? Until I find out, here's the You Tube link with the full picture:



Alea said...

That was awesome! Yay!

Dee Marie said...

Loved the trailer. It was just too much fun, and very professional! Made me want to run out and purchase the book :]

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Love it! One of the best trailers I've seen.

How much say did you get in the production? Did you write the script and choose the music, or did you hand over the reigns to M2 completely?

jonathan Bernstein said...

Hi Bree. Captions, narration and content of every frame were scripted. What Madison did with it knocked me out.( And I didn't get my first choice song because of concern over copyright material)

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Very cool. You and Madison did an amazing job.

Elizabeth Encarnacion said...

Nice trailer! To fix the width, go into the html for the post and find the embedded video section, and make sure the width is set the same or less than your column width (250 or 300 is a safe bet) in both places it's listed. That should fix the problem.