Sunday, March 1, 2009


I've been marooned in L.A for most of this decade. I work, at least tangentially, in the entertainment industry. I never encounter off-duty celebrities going about their mundane daily business. I never stumble over movie shoots. I never see any famous people anywhere.

Except yesterday, when I was walking--yup, walking, WHOLE other story-- up Fairfax Avenue on the way to Whole Foods (which is, I'm told, the shopping destination of choice for vast multitudes of actors, none of whom I've ever seen. Apart from this one Debi Mazar was giving a cashier attitude for asking where he recognized her from. But that hardly counts). Who do I see driving past me but Larry David. Driving isn't exactly accurate. He was perched inside a car sitting on a flatbed truck with cameras pointing through the windshield as he gesticulated inside.

So, not just an unexpected celebrity sighting, but a peek inside the creative process. I'll keep you posted next time something similar occurs. That post should show up sometime in 2013

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