Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Downside Of Shuffle

So I'm on the treadmill, cranking it up till I'm past the point of physical endurance. I'm nearing the forbidden zone of 3.8 mph.
Suddenly I'm oblivious to the thudding in my chest because my iPod is playing this:

We're living in a golden age of access. Every genre and vintage of music you could ever want is a click away. The storage facilities are vast and compact. But if I let that song lurk unshuffled and unheard for something like three months before it randomly bubbled to the surface, I'm in grave danger of turning from a listener to a space filler.

Who knows what else I've downloaded and then instantly forgotten? And I'm doing the same with the DVR. Will I ever get around to Burn Notice? Or Supernatural?

What songs( or shows) have you left moldering away in your iPod( or DVR) and then found yourself shocked by how good they were and how dumb you felt neglecting to play them for so long? Discuss.

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