Saturday, February 21, 2009

Project Hotway

I have a keen sense of fashion. I can delve through a pile of clothes and as long as there's a clean-ish t-shirt and pair of shorts somewhere in there, I know the outcome will be pleasing to the eye. But when I had to come up with a signature crime-fighting look for the superhero(ine) title character of `Hottie', I knew I was going to have to expand my style horizons beyond `She shows up at the scene of the crime resplendent in a loose-fitting grey t-shirt with a picture of a dog on the front' ( which, by an amazing coincidence, is what I'm wearing RIGHT THIS MINUTE!)

Even though my knowledge of labels and fabrics and colors is as comprehensive as my knowledge of...well, everything else, my fictional superhero needed an instantly identifiable costume. So I went with a mixture of what my character was-- surpassingly popular, style-conscious Beverly Hills High student-- and what she becomes-- a shunned, friendless freak who shoots flames from her fingers. The result: a mixture of girly fashion--little black cocktail dress, big black Chanel sunglasses, fingerless gloves-- and action hero accoutrements-- red leather jacket, black motorcycle boots.

Perhaps the new (possibly) improved cover gives you a sense of the Hottie costume, perhaps it doesn't. One thing it definitely doesn't do is give a sense of the accessory I selected to add a final dash of individuality to the costume. A big fat gleaming old school hip hop chain that ended in a big burning letter H that hung down by the character's waist.

Just so you get a mental picture of what the big gold Hottie H should have looked like, here's a visual aid:

Thank you, Yung Joc. Awesome look.

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orange county librarian said...

awww, I liked the other cover better! /pouts

(the new one kind of looks like she's got a sabrina the teenage witch sorta thing happening - in an ill-fitting latex prom dress with a cape)

I'm sure the book itself will be great, though! ;)