Thursday, February 5, 2009

A New Blog? Really?

Back in the heady days of 2006 when dollar bills littered the sidewalks and we slept on pillows made of gold, I wrote a book called Knickers In A Twist. It was a guide to British slang of the past and present but it also touched on pop-culture, catchphrases, obscure musical references and blistering insults. In short, it was an intoxicating and indispensable package-- at last that's what Vanity Fair said!-- that richly deserved it's place in the hearts and bookshelves of Anglophiles everywhere.
Of course, moments after the book came out, I immediately forgot all about it. No-one wrote about it. No-one talked about it. None of the big stores even stocked it.

My friends, that book is now in it's fourth(4th) printing! So here's my belated contribution to the full-scale, all-media Knickers In A Twist media blitz. A brand new blog. One that's shaping up to be even more stellar than this one. In the coming weeks, look out for strange and arcane examples of British vocabulary, some yanked straight from the pages of the book, others gleaned from deep inside the recesses of my incomprehensible Scottish past.

Get your British slang up to speed at:

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