Sunday, December 21, 2008


Spot on. Delightful. Thank you very much. Except for the part where I'm gently criticized for my copious use of profanity. I've never been exactly sure what irony is but this might be pretty close.
I turned in a first draft that was absolutely riddled with gratuitous swearing. When  the first batch of edits came in,  every bad word was excised. Even as a newbie author, I know enough to pick my battles. I demanded the right to swear. I called it a First Amendment issue. I declared that the teens of America would take to the streets in protest if I wasn't allowed to make full and free use of the language of the streets. In the end, I was permitted one (1) swear word. And, in the above, otherwise perceptive and complimentary review, the 12 year-old writer warns potential readers they might be put off by too much swearing.

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