Friday, December 19, 2008

The Reviews Are In...Is In!

From Kirkus,  Jan. 1

Bernstein, Jonathan


"Firestarter meets The O.C in this mindlessly fun superhero send-up. Smart but shallow Beverly Hills High freshman Alison Cole manages to convince Daddy she needs "Symmetry", a dodgy new plastic-surgery procedure. Thanks to a power surge while in the CAT-scan machine, the already stunning Alison emerges no more symmetrical than before but with the ability to shoot flames from her fingertips. Bewildered by her new power, she turns to uber-nerd and insta-sidekick David Eels, who has read every superhero comic ever written and is eager to be the brains to her blonde. Together they against backstabbing girlfriends, mind-bending evil stepmothers and washed- up movie stars-turned thugs. All while looking fabulous, of course, and coming up with memorable catchphrases like "I'm Hottie. And you're fired!". Using short action-packed chapters, Bernstein, a screenwriter, faithfully details the classic superhero stages: transformation, training, performing rejection and, finally, acceptance. Though this one-joke paperback original goes on a little too long, seasoned chick-lit readers are bound to enjoy this Malibu Barbie makeover of a traditionally men-in-tights trope.
(Fantasy. 12 and up)

One-joke? Boo. Otherwise: no complaints....

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