Monday, July 14, 2008


I'm going to be popping up here every now and then to remind you that my debut Young Adult novel, the superhero comedy Hottie, comes out in February of 09. It's about a fabulously popular and privileged Beverly Hills High School freshman whose friends are so bitter and jealous of her unceasing good fortune that they persuade her to undergo unneccessary  experimental cosmetic surgery. From which she emerges looking exactly the same as when she went in. Except that now, whenever she gets angry or excited or in any way emotional, flames shoot out of her fingers. This has the immediate effect of  destroying her popularity, ruining her relationship with her father, losing her her boyfriend and pulling the plug on the pilot of her reality show. On the other hand, it attracts the interest of a comic-book obsessed geek who flies at the chance to mold her into L.A's first--and cutest--superhero. Sounds funny, right?( But also poignant, too!) 

If only Feb 09 wasn't so far away. The world as we know it could have changed beyond all recognition by then. We could be living in flying cars. We'll have a new president. But what if it's the wrong one? And what if it's my fault? It could be. I'm not a citizen. I fear I won't be able to memorize all the answers to the citizenship quiz(survey? test?). But what if I could have had the casting vote? And I didn't get to use it because I was too lazy and embarrassed about my increasingly sketchy fact retention? And because I didn't vote, now there's a 4PM curfew and dancing in the streets is banned and there's labor camps and book burnings. Which would be especially ironic, seeing as I'm promoting a book about a girl who inadvertantly( and then advertantly) sets fire to things...

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Oliver Bewers said...

Hi Jonathan,

I'm contacting you from Elwin Street Productions, a co-edition publisher in London. Do you have any contact details you can pass on for either yourself or an agent? I'd like to send you some information on a book project you may be interested in.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Oliver Bewers